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Our features and strengths


All the products we handle are not outsourced, and we are working on integrated processing and production in-house. In addition to handling individual products, we also accept custom-made product orders that meet the needs of our customers.

As a domestic manufacturer, we have gained support for quality. In addition, we strive to provide products that are trusted by our customers by making full use of our technology as a top domestic manufacturer.

We will continue to develop high-quality, high-value-added products that other companies cannot match by achieving high quality, reasonable prices, and short delivery times by responding closely to our customers.

Department Introduction

Production Department

At the factory where the latest machine tools are installed, professionals in each field work every day to respond to the voices of customers. Under the slogan "Making products that satisfy our customers," we are working on in-house production of all parts necessary for product manufacturing in order to provide stable quality with short delivery times and low costs.

Quality Control Department

Our high reliability is a thoroughly controlled quality. Each product is checked by human eyes, and only those that meet strict standards are shipped. We have introduced the latest measuring instruments for measurement and inspection, and established a qualification certification system for important inspection processes to suppress variations in inspection. Based on our corporate philosophy of "Satisfaction with our customers with this quality," we work every day with quality first.

Researcha & Development Department

Not only a wide range of product lineups, but also we offer individual product development to meet the needs of our customers. We also support production from small lots, and we are creating a system that will satisfy more customers. We also try to make high quality proposals by finding out the hidden quality requirements in the customer's request and incorporating it into the design.