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We, ITO, manufacture and sell products related to aspiration and discharge of liquids and gases, from pipes and nozzles to pumps, and cover a wide range of products including analytical chemistry, medical care, pharmaceuticals, food, environment, semiconductors, and dyes.

In 1980, we acquired the manufacturing right for microsyringes from a major medical device manufacturer and started our business. Currently, it is positioned as one of the top manufacturers in Japan as a company handling syringe products, and has succeeded in developing products such as pipes and nozzles by making full use of its technology and quality, which is highly suitable for medical personnel, researchers and developers. We have been able to gain confidence from customers. From designing to custom-made products to microsyringe standard products, we manufacture 100% by integrated processing at our own factory.

We will continue to grow and develop in order to provide a stable supply of high-quality products.